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Buying a wedding dress


We boast some of the most advanced faceted search capabilities allowing you to narrow down your search to any different combination you might think of! Be it size, colour, silhouette, distance, price range, you name it you can do it!


OK, you found your dream dress at a great price, so now what?
You can contact the seller of the dress directly, to arrange your terms of sale. Payment, shipping, refunds etc.
Note that we do monitor all initial communication for our sellers’ protection, but any further correspondence is between the parties involved

Arrange purchase

For payment we recommend as the most secure way to pay and get paid online.
For added security we encourage people to use a reliable escrow service like


Now it’s your turn to shine like the star that you are!

Selling a wedding dress

How does it work?

  1. You list your dress for sale
  2. Interested buyers contact you
  3. You decide which one is the best buyer for your dress
  4. Arrange the sale
  5. Enjoy earning some extra cash and that your dress is in good hands

How long it takes to sell a wedding dress?

Selling a wedding dress on StellarBride varies significantly. Sometimes dresses sell for less than a week, but sometimes it can take up to several months to sell a wedding dress

It generally depends on several factors:

  1. Price and condition (how big the discount of your dress is)
  2. The specific designer/model popularity
  3. How comfortable you are selling it to the person interested in it

How much would it cost you to sell your wedding dress with us?

  • Selling your dress will cost you as little as a single flat fee of $20.00 for the Standard listing option
  • And $30.00 for the Featured listing option.

What is the difference between Standard and Featured listings?

Featured listings differ from Standard in that they always appear on top of the relevant search results thus gaining significantly larger amount of visitors. In addition they are also “Featured” (excuse the pun) on our social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram making them truly international stars!

Optimising your listing

(There are several factors that significantly contribute to selling your dress faster)

  1. Photos

    The best way to sell your dress is to show how beautiful it is. Use real personal photos with high resolution
    Avoid factory photos. Using factory photos takes away from the appeal of your wedding dress and its individuality. Let your dress stand out in the crowd!

  2. Price

    Different dresses depreciate at a different rate, but in general, you should aim at around 60% of the retail price you paid for the dress. We allow you to edit your listing as many times as you like, so you can always adjust the price if you think it is too high or too low.

  3. Sharing is caring!

    Share, share, share! Our statistics show that listings that have been shared on average sell three times faster than the rest!

Editing your listing

You can edit your listing as often as you like. Just go to your account dashboard and hover over the listing and click “Edit”


Who pays for the shipping?

It is up to you to decide who pays for the shipping. You can also negotiate with your buyer on the type of shipping and which courrier to use.

How much will shipping cost?

Calculate your shipping costs form these major carriers
United States Post Service (USPS)
United Parcel Service (UPS)

International shipping

If you are shipping your dress internationally, you might have to pay duty. You can calculate your duty charges with this duty calculator

Creating an account

Benefits of social login

Using your social account to Sign Up / Sign In is the safest and most convenient option to create an account with us
We will never post on your behalf or give your information to any third party without your consent.

Information we share

None. We do not disclose any of your information.


We do not spam! You will only receive an email from us if you have signed up for our newsletter, or we think there is a real necessity to contact you. Security reasons / Support etc.

Closing an account

If you have sold your wedding dress or simply no longer wish to have an account with us, just contact us and we will delete your account.

Wedding dresses guide

Choosing the right wedding dress can be overwhelming at times. Wedding dresses come in myriad of styles, shapes and fabrics which are suited for different kinds of venues, wedding styles, body types etc.
To find out which is the right dress for you, we have compiled this comprehensive wedding dresses guide.